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CustomFlex™ Manufacturing Model
    Customization is our whole business, and Maiconn’s CustomFlex model underlies our organization’s entire approach to meeting your needs.
    In order to offer you the most accurate, timely and cost effective design and manufacturing process possible for your custom products, we have engineered flexibility into the very fabric of Maiconn. We break down the entire design and manufacturing process of your product in order to deliver a manufacturing solution as customized to your needs as your product is customized to your market.
    Since our founding in 2000, we have invested in building an international team of the best engineers, project managers, sourcing specialists and quality assurance personnel in their fields. Rather than limit our production capacity by managing our own brick-and-mortar facilities, we make anything possible by leveraging our extensive and vast relationships with the best in class raw material suppliers and manufacturers to optimize the ultimate production of your custom product.
    Our own Asia-based sourcing, engineering and quality control teams personally oversee every detail of the raw material procurement, manufacturing, and inspection process with the language skills and on-the-ground knowledge to make sure it’s done right from start to finish. This is the CustomFlex Model.
Engineering  Experience
    Engineering, as with our entire manufacturing process at Maiconn, is grounded in data and starts with communication. From Day One, our clients work directly with our own senior personnel and engineers — each with at least 25 years of experience meeting the challenges and learning the evolving applications of their fields. Through an exhaustive design and first article process, our teams lay the groundwork for developing stable, consistent products that meet and exceed your needs. 
    Compliance,Our sole business is customization, so we are versed in all manner of quality compliance requirements across multiple industries. Our documentation is designed to meet agency approval, whether material analysis or power considerations or test protocols. In fact, virtually all of our products must meet at least one certification standard. Integrating these needs with the entire design and manufacturing process is simply part of what we do.
    Software, Maiconn works in two- and three-dimensional design environments with the industry standard AutoCAD and SolidWorks programs. Our advanced infrastructure also allows our teams to import and translate drawing packages from other software programs.
    Confidentiality Our established confidentiality agreements are structured to protect your intellectual property. Through our own carefully designed and vetted protocols, we provide a high level of insulation between your designs and our manufacturing partners.
Supply Chain Management     
    As we design your unique product according to your own specifications, we also create a custom manufacturing process. This begins with our ability to source the best quality raw materials directly at the lowest cost from approved worldwide sources, then selecting the manufacturing facility best equipped to produce your product reliably and consistently.
    At Maiconn, the manufacture of your custom assembly is overseen by the same engineers who designed it. Our Asia team of engineers and senior personnel works hand-in-hand with local, U.S.-based staff to oversee the manufacturing process from start to finish. The result of this daily, on-site project management is that we don’t have to wait until your product is delivered to inspect it. Quality control from Maiconn staff is built into the entire sourcing and manufacturing process from the ground up.
    “We warehouse your inventory so you don’t have to.”